dbPortal is a SQL client that utilises JDBC (Java Database Connectivity) to access relational databases. It is a very useful analytical tool for making sense of your relational data. There are many very useful and time saving features that will make your life easier. The database vendors provide tools to manage and query their database engines but we have found through experience that these tools fall short in the following areas:
  • Ease of use
  • Installation and configuration of bloated client tools
  • Vendor specific
dbPortal is the ideal tool for quick and easy access to your data. It has a relatively small footprint for the functionality it provides and installing it is quick and easy. And because it uses JDBC, you can access any database that provides a compliant driver. Some of our users use it to work with both Oracle and DB2 at the same site. You have access to your data without having to learn the nuances of how each vendor's toolset works.

  • Schema Browser
  • Table Browser
  • Table Filters with ORDER BY and WHERE
  • Ad-hoc SQL queries
  • Syntax Highlighting in SQL editor [*New* Support for driver specific keywords]
  • Code completion on Table and Column names
  • Facility to store Favourites
  • JDBC Driver information page
  • Export/Import BLOBs to/from file
  • Export data to CSV file
  • Copy cell(s) and row(s) to the Clipboard [*New* Copy table data as INSERT statements]
  • Define virtual Primary Keys
  • Define table Aliases
  • Run SQL scripts with configurable statement delimiter
  • Comments in SQL removed before execution
  • Prompt for parameters ${parametername} before SQL execution
  • Lock Results so that you can refer to previous results and even re-execute the SQL to monitor changes
  • *New* Integrated Blob editing (as Text)
  • *New* Database Search functionality (find all tables that contain a value)
  • *New* Create and Drop Indexes
  • *New* Table and View (if supported) DDL export as script
  • *New* Client-side "Find" function
  • *New* Relationship Editor and Navigator. Explore your data by setting up and following Related data
  • *New* Import / Export data to file for backup / restore.


Schema Browser

SQL Editor

  1. Windows Operating System: Windows 2000 (tested) or Windows XP (tested)
  2. Java Virtual Machine:
    • Sun's Java Runtime Environment: 1.3 (tested) or 1.4 (tested) only the JRE is required and not the JDK.
      • Fixed ISSUE: Sun JRE 1.4.2 - unexpected behavior including abrupt exitting
    • IBM: Java VM 1.3.1 (tested).
    • NEW
  3. Disk space: Approximately 5 Mb free
  4. JDBC Drivers for target databases: (tested)

Download a Java Virtual Machine from Javasoft / Sun.
Download and install dbPortal by running the dbPortalTrial.exe file
Please email us to request a trial licence.

Price $ 79.99 (US) per user.

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  1. You will be directed to a third party online payment processing agency.
  2. Once your order has been processed LesNes will be notified and we will generate and email you a permanent licence.
    Note: You will not be shipped any tangible goods such as a printed manual or a CD-ROM. We will email you a licence to be used with the downloaded software.

Change History

2005-12-01: 1.10.6

  • *New* Installs and configures jTDS 1.2 and Firebird 1.5.1 JDBC drivers
  • Minor bug fixes and internal tweaks

2005-06-14: 1.9.36

  • *New* Floating Licence support. Contact us via email for more information
  • *New* Saves the last successful password used to connect to a database
  • *New* BLOB editor for zlib compressed text
  • *New* Export as delimited text (with configurable delimited and multiple table select)
  • *Update* Now shows the true progress of the database backup functionality. Based on the row count
  • *Update* Option to generate primary key DDL as part of the CREATE TABLE or as a separate ALTER TABLE statement
  • Minor bug fixes

2005-03-04: 1.9.20

  • *Update* Improved CLOB handling. The database search will now search CLOBs. Added a setting to allow CLOBs to be expanded instead of being shown as CLOB in the grids
  • *New* Drop Table with multi-select
  • Minor bug fixes

2004-10-18: 1.9.2

  • *Update* Improved Import / Export functionality again
  • *New* Hypersonic / HSQLDB 1.7.2 support
  • *New* ODBC/JDBC Bridge support
  • *New* Button to refresh the Row Count on the Table view
  • *Update* Functionality to use the "Text Editor" to edit any Character columns as well as (B)(C)LOBs
  • Minor bug fixes

2004-09-01: 1.8.4

  • *Update* Much improved Import / Export functionality
  • *Fix* View properties on Import screen caused AccessViolation.
  • Minor bug fixes

2004-08-12: 1.7.15

  • *New* Added Relationship Editor and Navigator. Explore your data by setting up and following data relationships
  • *New* Relationship Editor imports Foreign Key constraints
  • *New* Relationship Editor exports GraphViz .dot file to the clipboard
  • *New* Import / Export data to file for backup / restore.
  • Added Goto Table right-click menu on the Database Search
  • Many enhancements to the BLOB Text editor
  • Changed the SQL Editor to be tabbed. You can have multiple SQL Editor tabs open
  • Added Foreign Key constraints to the DDL Export functionality
  • Minor bug fixes

2004-05-24: 1.5.4

  • Added functionality to edit BLOB as Text in integrated Text Editor
  • Added QuickJump functionality on Tables tree (Ctrl-J)
  • Now supports databases that do not return Schemas e.g. HSQLDB, Firebird, MySQL
  • Fixed compatibility bug with the Sun Java client VM 1.4.2
  • New Trial licensing scheme. We will no longer be issuing licences on this site. dbPortal will now determine when the trial period is completed (28 days)
  • The Database Search window is no longer modal
  • The Table data row-editing has been improved. (F2) on any cell will enter edit-mode.
  • Added client-side find functionality. (Ctrl-F) on the data grids (Table and SQL Results) (F3) for next match
  • Improved the syntax highlighting to include driver specific keywords and data types
  • Added functionality to Create and Drop indexes
  • Added functionality to export DDL for Tables and Views (if supported)
  • Added option to copy Table data rows to the clipboard as INSERT statements (Blobs not supported and set to NULL)
  • Added option to include driver specific keywords to the Auto-Complete
  • Minor bug fixes

2004-01-26: 1.3.3

  • Added Create Table
  • Minor bug fixes

2003-12-08 : 1.2.14 (beta)

  • Improved JDBC driver support
  • Improved the row editor functionality in the Schema Browser
  • Improved Auto-Complete functionality in the SQL editor. Now dynamically parses SQL for table aliases. e.g. Given the following statement SELECT * FROM TableName c WHERE c. the auto-complete for c. will display the columns for TableName without the user setting up an alias manually.
  • Added editor Macro Record/Playback
  • Improved Driver configuration. Now presents dropdown list of Driver classes within JAR files
  • Added Database Search functionality
  • Improved the Java VM configuration
  • Minor bug fixes

2003-09-18 :

  • Added Java VM configuration to application startup
  • Added search and replace to the SQL Editor
  • Added Indexes and Privileges to the Schema Browser
  • Changed the Schema Browser to fetch information lazily
  • Minor bug fixes

2003-08-24 :

  • Some database specific features added. Includes Oracle, MS SQL Server and DB2
  • Added support for the IBM JNI interface
  • Now remembers the last active Schema for a connection
  • Ability to keep tables pinned so that you can quickly refer to them
  • Added Imported/Exported Keys
  • Favourites can be better organised by using \ (slash) characters
  • Fixed bug in UTF8 to AnsiString conversion
  • Table browser is now a tree
  • Automatically quotes(") names with embedded spaces
  • Minor bug fixes

2003-07-06 :

  • Initial trial version

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